S-market | Christmas 2019 campaign

TV commercial for leading Finnish supermarket chain S-market. Co-director/Cinematographer: Kjell Lagerroos F.S.C. Co-director/Choreographer: Thomas Freundlich Agency: TBWA\Helsinki Production company: Komeetta

Fram (2019)


How far would you go to pursue an idea? Why do we do incredibly difficult things that have no practical application? Is there a parallel between geographic and artistic exploration? Fram is a documentary and travel film about two friends journeying to the end of the earth, in order to make a dance film in the arctic wilderness of Svalbard. …

Rooted with Wings / Ikuinen liike (2018), Tero Saarinen

Rooted with Wings / Ikuinen liike

ROOTED WITH WINGS “Dance is my attempt to understand human nature and its many manifestations – friendship, love, the power of the spirit. With my dance, I try to reach the unspoken, the unexplained, the unnamed. I believe in dance that touches, dance that speaks for itself.” – Tero Saarinen Rooted with Wings is a visual dance documentary that explores …

Dreams of Replay (2017), choreography Susanna Leinonen

Susanna Leinonen Company / Yle | Dreams of Replay

Choreographer Susanna Leinonen’s dance work Dreams of Replay combines virtuosic movement language with minimalistic stage design and a host of idiosyncratic characters. Duration: 57 min Year of production: 2017 Formats available for screening: HD 1080p, UHD 2160p Performance capture produced by Lumikinos Production in association with Yle Dreams of Replay Choreography: Susanna Leinonen Music and sound design: Kasperi Laine Lighting …

Cold Storage (2016), Valtteri Raekallio

Cold Storage

Cold Storage is a short dance film that pays homage to the virtuosic physical performances and melancholy comedy of the classic silent screen. As a lonely ice fisherman discovers his frozen prehistoric soul brother in the ice, multiple levels of time and reality blend together into a cinematic and kinetic exploration of alienation, dependency and friendship. Direction and cinematography: Thomas …

Ice Hockey World Junior Championship 2016 Pre-game Film / Jääkiekon nuorten MM avajaisvideo

Ice Hockey World Junior Championships 2016 | Pre-Game Film & LED Visuals

Jääkiekon nuorten MM 2016 avajaisvideo Pre-game short film for 2016 Ice Hockey World Junior Championships held in Helsinki, Finland, also commemorating the 75th anniversary of Finland’s national betting agency Veikkaus. Shown before all matches at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena, as well as broadcast from the tournament opening in Finland by YLE and globally by TSN. Short film direction, edit and post: …

Subsurface (2015), chor/dance Jussi Väänänen & Katja Koukkula

Subsurface | Teaser

A dance short film to music by internationally renowned avant-garde accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, Subsurface uses archaic elements of nature as metaphors for the multiple levels of a relationship. Choreography & dance: Jussi Väänänen and Katja Koukkula Original music by Kimmo Pohjonen Costume design: Jenni Ahtiainen Direction & cinematography: Thomas Freundlich jussikatja.fi (FI) kimmopohjonen.com Duration: 7 min Release date: March 2015 …

Sub Terra (2014), dir. Valtteri Raekallio

Sub Terra

A starkly minimalistic physical exploration in a subterranean room of memories and dreams. Direction, visual design and choreography: Valtteri Raekallio Cinematography: Thomas Freundlich Duration 8 min Release date: 2014 Screening formats: 4K DCP, 2K DCP, UHD 2160p, HD 1080p Produced by Raekallio Corp. and Lumikinos Production

Seven Theses (2013)

Seven Theses

From abstract, graphic movement patterns to shadowy neo-Expressionism and the frozen wilderness of the arctic north, ‘Seven Theses’ is a kinetic and visual journey through surprising remixes of movement material originally created for the stage. Choreography, dance and text: Petri Kekoni Direction, cinematography and edit: Thomas Freundlich Music and sound design: Antti Nykyri Based on material created for the stage …

Sonnet 44 (2012)

Sonnet 44

Lyrical experiment in dance, poetry, music & motion graphics Finalist, One-Minute Jumping Frames Dance Video Competition 2013, Hong Kong Official selection, Movies by Movers dance film festival 2013 Official selection, Festival Silêncio 2015, Lisbon Full screen HD recommended Dance & visuals: Thomas Freundlich Camera: Eero Heinonen Music: Egidija Medekšaitė Words by William Shakespeare Duration: 2 min Released 2012 Screening formats: …