Sonnet 44 (2012)
Thomas Freundlich
filmmaker / cinematographer / choreographer

CEO & creative lead, Lumikinos Production

Thomas Freundlich

Photo: Pekka Kurtz

Thomas Freundlich is one of the leading practitioners in Finland’s vibrantly growing independent dance film scene. Coming to filmmaking from a career as choreographer and dancer, Mr. Freundlich has choreographed some 35 works in Finland and worldwide, encompassing ensemble pieces, solos, contemporary opera, theatre and dance film. His work has been acknowledged with over 40 grants and awards from cultural foundations, arts councils and festivals in Finland and internationally.

As filmmaker and cinematographer, Mr. Freundlich’s work ranges from dance shorts, documentary work, performance videography and 3D projects to music videos and projection design for the stage. His work has been seen at over 200 film festivals worldwide as well as on broadcast channels including Arte, Yle, SVT, NRK and TSN. From 2012 to 2014, Mr. Freundlich was the co-artistic director of Finland’s Loikka dance film festival. His recent short film work includes Cold Storage (2016), which has, to date, received 30 awards and some 190 festival selections worldwide.