Superior quality, efficient production, great to work with. Pick all three.

Lumikinos Production provides a comprehensive range of services in motion imaging production. From online to broadcast and the cinema screen, we can deliver to any format required.

  • Cinematography for film, documentaries, dance performances, theatre, concerts events and commercial productions
  • Multicamera performance capture with digital cinema cameras
  • Live streaming with 1 to 8 cameras
  • Editing and postproduction
  • Color grading with EBU grade 1 level monitoring environment
  • Mastering and delivery to any format: Online, broadcast, DCP
  • Projection design and production for live productions

For specialist work such as complex postproduction audio, we expand our team with a network of trusted professionals. We pride ourselves on a smooth workflow, fast and open communication, and a razor-sharp focus on meeting our deadlines – and yours.