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How far would you go to pursue an idea? Why do we do incredibly difficult things that have no practical application? Is there a parallel between geographic and artistic exploration?

Fram is a documentary and travel film about two friends journeying to the end of the earth, in order to make a dance film in the arctic wilderness of Svalbard. En route, they explore the history of our ideas of the Arctic, along with the grand questions of life, art and our place in the world. Sharing their love of discovering new geographic and artistic frontiers, choreographer-dancer-filmmakers and outdoor enthusiasts Thomas Freundlich and Valtteri Raekallio take the viewer on an engaging journey to a place where few have been and even fewer have danced.

a film by Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio

Duration: 53 min
Production company: Lumikinos Production Oy
Co-production: Northern Movement / Raekallio Corp.
In production, completion date 2019
Release format: HD 1080p

Support: SVT, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Nordic Culture Point

Wake (2019)

Wake (2019)


A short movement film utilizing ultra-high-speed cinematography; an exploration of dreams, wakefulness and the brevity of time.

Direction, cinematography & edit by Thomas Freundlich
Performer Karoliina Niemi
Produced by Lumikinos Production
In production, release date 2019