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Tero Saarinen in Rooted with Wings (2018)

Rooted with Wings (2018)


“Dance is my attempt to understand human nature and its many manifestations – friendship, love, the power of the spirit. With my dance, I try to reach the unspoken, the unexplained, the unnamed. I believe in dance that touches, dance that speaks for itself.” – Tero Saarinen

Rooted with Wings is a visual dance documentary that explores the work of internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer Tero Saarinen, granting the viewer a unique impression of this extraordinary artist’s creative process. Featuring stunningly captured dance sequences and behind-the-scenes material from around the globe, the film brings to light how Saarinen’s dance works evolve from an idea or concept into a finished performance.

The film follows Saarinen over a five-year period from 2014 to 2018, through several premieres of new works and tours in Finland, France, Korea, Kenya and the US, while bringing to light his approach to his life as a global nomad in dance. In a turbulent world fetishizing technology, change and constant online availability, Saarinen embraces a philosophy of awareness, presence in the moment and centered physicality.

Based on a series of in-depth recorded conversations with Saarinen, the film combines performances and rehearsals with new sequences created specifically for the camera. Saarinen’s own words, the physical movement language of his dances, as well as the urban and natural worlds blend into a seamless cinematic whole in which the momentum never stops.

Documentary/dance, 53′
Direction and cinematography by Thomas Freundlich
Produced by Lumikinos Production
In postproduction, release date April 2018
Language versions: EN/FI
Release formats: HD 1080p, UHD 3180p

Wake (2018)

Wake (2018)


A short movement film utilizing ultra-high-speed cinematography; an exploration of dreams, wakefulness and the brevity of time.

Direction, cinematography & edit by Thomas Freundlich
Performer Karoliina Niemi
Produced by Lumikinos Production
In production, release date 2018